Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taaler Bora


Banana piece 3
Finely-Milled Wheat Flour (Maida) grams 250
Oil 500 ml
Rice Powder/Suji 250 grams
Ripe Taal 1 piece
Sugar 500 grams


Remove the skin form the Taal. A Taal use to have 2 to 3 big seeds inside it. Separate the seeds with the fibers around it. Now hit one seed with another to make them soft. his process will help you make the pulp form the seed. ake a bowl having small holes under it, these types of bowls usually used to separate water from noodles. now rub the soften palm seed on back side of the bowl. you can see pulp is coming out at the other side of the bowl. Make pulp from all three seeds. Now grate half coconut. Now Mix everything. this mixture must have a specific thickness. dip your finger in the mixture, the mixture must not drop from your finger. Test the mixture. this mixture must test mild sweet. if not, mix more suger. 9. Heat oil in a pan, Take a lump of this mixture in hand and make small balls while dropping them in oil. 10. Deep fry these balls. Keep the balls separate while frying. Don't make all the mixture once. 11. Remove the balls from oil, serve sizzling hot.


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