Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alu Kabli


500 gm boiled, peeled & cubed potatoes
100 gm chopped onion
10 gm chopped green chili
To taste salt
200gm soaked & boiled kabli channa
100 ml tamarind chutney
5 gm red chili flakes
30 gm chopped coriander leaves
50 ml coriander chutney
5 gm aloo kabli masala(roasted channa dal, red chili powder, bhuna jira powder,white sea salt, carmamom powder,yellow chilli powder)
3 gm bhuna jira powder


Cut the potatoes into small dices. Gently mix thoroughly all the ingredients. Decorate with the chutneys & serve cold.
Grilled roundels of potatoes can be placed at the bottom of the mixture for better presentation


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