Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dimer (Egg)Devil


6 no whole duck egg
100 gm beckti fish
100 gm mashed potatoes
10 gm chopped green chili
10 gm bhuna jira powder
100 gm sauté chopped onion
75 gm besan
To taste salt
50 gm sugar
50 gm chopped coriander leaves
150 ml oil
15 gm garlic-ginger paste
50 ml light maida-egg batter
200 gm crushed white vermicelli


Mince fish in a blender.
Fry onion, ginger-garlic paste over medium heat. Add the mashed potatoes & fish mince, sauté for longer time then add green chili, jira powder, besan, salt & sugar.
Let the mixture cool down to room temperature. Add fresh coriander.
Separately boil duck egg. Cut into half. Cover with the fish mixture. Apply maida-egg batter & roll in vermicelli. Deep fry.


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