Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jhal Muri


400 gm puff rice
20 gm soaked black gram
20 gm soaked green gram
30 gm chanachur
25 gm gatti
25 gm sewai
20 gm fried spiced moong dal
25 gm fried peanut
30 gm fried spiced kabli channa
10 gm mixed pickle
5 ml mustard oil
3 gm jhal muri masala(black salt,bhuna jira powder,red chili powder,chat masala, white pepper powder)
25gm small diced coconut
100 gm chopped onion
20 gm chopped green chili
30gm chopped fresh coriander
30 gm chopped tomatoes


Mix all ingredients & serve in newspaper cone with a round thin slice of coconut on top.


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